The company

DOMOPOLIS S.P. CONSTRUCTION S.A is an upcoming and promising company in the area of development and construction of private projects and public works.

The major business of the company are:
a) the architectural and electromechanical study and development of private projects
b) the construction of public works
c) the development and operation of parking stations
d) the urban development of real estate land as lots for leisure homes with the construction of the infrastructure and the building of model homes.

In the private projects the company performs all the necessary studies and obtains the necessary permits to be followed by the construction of projects that range from a private home and extends to an apartment building , a commercial store to a complex of apartments and stores and a large scale hotel development.

Domopolis has develop and is operating three parking stations in the centre of Athens and is offering consulting services to companies that desire to develop and operate parking stations. The company offers complete solutions in the designing and construction of commercial spaces.

Domopolis is based in its private building near the center of Athens in the address 281 El. Venizelou, Kallithea, Athens Τ.Κ. 176 74.

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